Once upon a time there was a girl called Jenny. Jenny was 5 years old and she lived in London. Jenny wasn’t an ordinary girl because she lived in an orphanage. Jenny’s parents had died in a car accident when she was only 1 year old baby. Jenny had often thought why all this had to happen to her or not to someone else. She didn’t enjoy living in the orphanage because she had no friends and she thought that nobody noticed her there. The poor girl had waited long, that someone came and took her with them.

Years had passed by and nobody hadn’t come until one day an old woman came to the orphanage. She was looking for a child that was her missing grand-child. She explained how her daughter and her husband had died in an accident 10 years ago and she had looked for their daughter for a long time but she hadn’t find her. Jenny listened behind the corner and the orphanages one of the nurses came to Jenny and announced the big news. Jenny couldn’t believe her ears. She ran to her grand-mother’s and cried. Jenny’s grand-mother took her home and they lived happily ever after.